A. All potential participants must be current Junior members of the American Saddlebred Horse Association.

B. Must show a registered American Saddlebred horse that is current in ownership registration but does not have to be owned by participant.

C. Before the opening performance of the designated horse show hosting the Olympics each year, the participant must have accumulated a minimum of 15 points from American Saddlebred Pleasure Equitation classes. Any Pleasure Equitation class will count from any show.

D. Participants must present the official tabulation card to a show official to verify number of exhibitors and placing in the class. Show official must sign the tabulation card.

E. When the required number of points (15) are achieved, the completed Official National Pleasure Equitation Tabulation Card is to be sent to a designated person who will verify results. An official neck ribbon will be presented at the finals horse show and must be worn on horse when qualified participant shows.

F. Once a participant wins a Gold Medal, they are NOT eligible to compete in that division again, but can move to the next division when they meet the age requirement.


A. Any Pleasure Equitation class will count towards qualification. If a show does not have an ASB Pleasure Equitation class, points will count from an OPEN Saddleseat Equitation class provided the exhibitor is riding a registered American Saddlebred pleasure horse. Must walk trot and canter.

B. Class points awarded as follows:


Class Place       1st    2nd   3rd   4th   5th  6th

7 + Participants    8       7       6      5      4      3

6 Participants       7       6       5      4      3      2

5 Participants       6       5       4      3      2

4 Participants       5       4       3      2

3 Participants       4       3       2

2 Participants       3       2

1 Participant – awarded 1 point


A. To be held at a designated USEF horse show in the fall of each year.

B. Participants must display neck ribbon on horse during individual entry into ring. Ribbons will then be removed before the class begins.

C. $75. Entry Fee ($50. for IASPHA members)

D. Class to be judged in accordance with current USEF Pleasure Equitation rules.

E. Judges to be approved by National Pleasure Olympics Committee.

F. Work-out of all riders is required: 13 and under USEF tests 1-12; 17 and under USEF tests 1-16.

G. Decision of judges is final


Gold , Silver and Bronze medals awarded for first, second and third place respectively.

Top Ten Riders in each class receive a Tri-Color National Pleasure Equitation Olympic Ribbon.