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Kristen Pettry
PO Box 1118
New Lenox, IL 60451

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President: Donna Pettry-Smith
Vice President: Tom Thorpe
Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Kristen Pettry
Director at Large: Dale Arnston

Jessica Cavanaugh
Tedra Hritz
Robert Griffin
Christopher Huntoon
Kristen Jurkynas
Bonnie Kittredge
Megan Kittredge
Maggie Kueking
Sammie Lancia
Lisa McClaren
Molly Nessinger
Kathy Osmus
Donna Pettry
Tom Thorpe
Ryan Vogt
Ann Wilt

The Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association has approved and submits the following slate of candidates for 2019:

Directors (three year tearm):

Christopher Huntoon
Jessica Cavanaugh
Tom Thorpe
Dale Arnston
Julie Wroble

Article IV - Officers 

Sec. 5- Any 50 voting members may make additional nominations up to but not exceeding the number of Board positions to be filled by submitting a proposal in writing to the President for such nominations, together with the written consent of such nominee(s). Such additional nominations must be postmarked by October 15th. The Secretary shall immediately advise the membership by letter of the additional nominations. Such additional nominees must meet the qualifications under Sec. 2 of this article.


Sec. 6- If no additional nominations are made, the slate proposed by the nominating committee will become the new Directors and Officers. No ballots will be mailed and no voting procedures will be required. If additional nominations are made, the President shall submit to the Executive Committee his/her selection of a Ballot committee which shall be composed of one member of the Board and two members at large. The Ballot Committee shall be approved by a majority vote of the Executive committee.

Nominees must meet the qualifications, and must be submitted to Kristen Pettry PO Box 1118 New Lenox, IL 60451.